Published: 30/01/2015 11:46 - Updated: 30/01/2015 12:15

Former Alness boxer jailed for possessing knife


Scott Ross, a former boxer, has been jailed for possessing a knife.
Scott Ross, a former boxer, has been jailed for possessing a knife.

A FORMER boxer from Alness who was jailed for 43 months in 2013 for being concerned in the supply of cocaine is back in prison for possessing a knife.

Scott Ross (29) was jailed for a total of 18 months at Inverness Sheriff Court yesterday (Thursday).

The case was to have gone to trial before a jury, but Ross changed his plea.

He pleaded guilty to possession of a knife without excuse on October 7 last year and assaulting PC Laura Stewart by knocking her to the ground to her injury.

Sheriff Mungo Bovey heard that police had been called to a flat in Mackintosh Road, Inverness, by a resident about 1am following a complaint about noise from a flat on the ground floor.

Ross, who works as a scaffolder at Invergordon, had been invited to one of the flats with three friends for a drink.

They used the entry buzzer and when the got into the building a woman came out, shouting and screaming.

Ross said he recognised her and she was a "druggie".

He said: "She was off her head shouting what the f... are you doing at my door."

Ross said he saw a knife in her hand and he grabbed her and disarmed her.

They then went up the stairs to the flat.

Ross said: "I saw the police. I put it (the knife) in my back pocket and pulled my jumper over it. I was caught off guard. I thought I would be in trouble."

He said he was told he was going to be searched and was in a panic but handed over the knife to a police officer.

"As soon as I gave him the knife someone shouted: ‘Knife. He’s got a knife.’ I had already handed it over."

Ross then made his escape, but later handed himself in to the police.

Sheriff Bovey told Ross he did not believe the story that he took possession of the knife after a confrontation with the woman.

He jailed him for a year for unlawful possession of the knife and 23 weeks for the police assault back dated to October 15 when he was put on remand.

In 2013 Ross was convicted as part of a gang dealing in cocaine in Alness and elsewhere in Scotland between June and October 2010. He was jailed for 43 months at the High Court in Glasgow and a confiscation order for £35,000 including an Audi Quattro car was made against him under the Proceeds of Crime Act

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