Published: 07/03/2018 11:47 - Updated: 07/03/2018 12:04

REVIEW: Coldplace



Coldplace 1
Singer Shane Crofts takes the Chris Martin role in Coldplace at the Ironworks on Saturday. Picture: Gair Fraser


REVIEW: Coldplace

Ironworks, Inverness

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SHORT, sharp but just a little shocked.

Tribute bands can often be pale imitations of those they seek to mimic, but in the more than a decade since their formation, COLDPLACE have managed to build up quite a reputation for producing the goods. They trade on a name for being the top tribute act to Chris Martin et al, and it’s one they can probably claim with some truth.

They largely follow the legendary stadium giants’ tunes faithfully, the musicianship is adequate and at times excellent – and they certainly produced the goods at the Ironworks, with the largely female, young and old crowd, right up for the evening, with a fair amount of boogeying going on all around the venue.

There were even some guys having a little flail of their limbs, although a lot of that seemed a little furtive...

All the standards were there, quite ably performed, although singer Shane Crofts fell a bit flat on some of those ‘only-Chris-can-hit notes’, but only the most fervent of Coldplay aficionados would really notice or probably care, for that matter.

The band have tried to take their live set to the next level too, involving lasers and pyrotechnics, and a decent lighting rig, something few tribute acts are prepared to take on the road with them given the costs.

All in all they did their job well, but there’s leaving your audience gasping for more and there’s making too swift an exit. This was somewhere in the middle.

There was one encore after what seemed to be a set that simply flew in.

Some members of the crowd seemed a little shocked that it was over but of those I spoke to, they were delighted at having a "brilliant night" and that it "finished on a high".

But for me, c’mon guys at £14 a pop, even another encore would have been prudent. PD

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