REVIEW: The Dwelling Place

Kyle Walker

Published: Mon 09 Apr 2018

The Dwelling Place.

Jamie and Lewis Wardrop presented a curious theatre/exhibition hybrid that offered a sometimes fascinating (and often frustrating) look at the erosion of islander life.

Home is where the art is for The Dwelling Place creator

Kyle Walker

Published: Tue 27 Mar 2018

The Dwelling Place.

Jamie Wardrop discusses the production - described as 'part art installation, part theatre' - about the loss of the islander way of life that he and his brother bring to the Highlands this week.

REVIEW: Alex Salmond Unleashed

Kyle Walker

Published: Wed 21 Mar 2018

Former First Minister Alex Salmond is set to be Unleashed at Eden Court on Saturday.

The former First Minister's move into live performance offers up a night rich in red meat for the faithful - nobody will leave having changed their minds about him.


Kyle Walker

Published: Fri 16 Mar 2018

Coal by the Gary Clarke Company.

The Gary Clarke Company's production mines a rich seam of community spirit to create a triumph of choreography and storytelling.

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